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Questions & Answers

From Acky: I saw one of your cars at the mall the other day. They look even better live than in the photos and that is a hard act to follow !!!!

Achy: Thanks for the kind words. Anthony.

From Gary: I was comparing your car to some of the other conversion Corvettes now available and I like the proportions much better on this car. The doors look too big on the others, did you reduce the size of the doors from the late model car?

Gary: You have a very good eye, Actually we did not reduce the size of the door opening or door jamb. If you look close or compare a stock 67 Vette you will notice that it has a VERY small door almost like an MG Midget remember those? Hard to get in and out of. I guess we were all thinner back then!! But our goal is to retain as much of that original look as possible. There was an enormous amount of “Head Scratching done to figure that one out” But to finish an answer to your question the door opening is stock C5 but the door skin/exterior panel is about 5 inches smaller than a stock C5. And the way we did that is Top Secret!

From Dennis:

Dennis: Hi Anthony I didn’t get to speak with you at Gatlinburg but I did finally get to see one of your cars live and in person. Actually 2 cars, a convertible and a ZO6 conversion they were sitting side by side. I must say that the cars look even better live than they do in the photos. Good job! I am totally impressed. I will be contacting you in the spring !

From Ray Evenaugh: I just saw one of your cars at the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona and I was extremely impressed. I saw it awhile back on the Power Block with Courtney Hansen and in some photos. I gotta hand it to you man that thing looks like GM did it,, I didn’t think it could look that good. That was the straightest Corvette I have ever seen it looked flawless ,, congratulations!!

Thanks Ray: I’m glad you gave it a close look. After we apply the body, there are several hours that go into “Truing Up” or fitting. We want each car to look as if it were cut from one large block then all of the seams or gaps cut precisely into it. In other words if you run your hand across the panels from the door to the Qtr it has no variation. We obtain that type of fit and finish by mounting the body then hand fitting and blocking across all the adjoin panels. You won’t find a better fitting car body.

From Allen: You call this a Conversion Car, what is the difference between a Conversion Car and a Kit Car or a Resto Mod?

Anthony: Alright thanks for asking and I am going to unload some information on you because I get that question from time to time. Ready? With a Resto Mod, a person begins with an old car , restores it and upgrades it with newer pasrts. A fuel injected motor, newer overdrive trans, better brakes etc. Better but still a distance from a new Corvette.

Personally I have never seen a kit car that was comfortable enough to drive very far. Kit Cars are sometimes called fair weather cars. The well done Cobras are gorgeous but even less comfortable than a 67 Corvette if that’s possible! I would rather drive a Ford Taurus than either one of them.

The main purpose behind this entire process is COSMETIC to give it “THE LOOK” General Motors has already done an incredible – remarkable – unbelievable job with the late model C5 and C6 Corvettes, Sure you can increase horsepower and do a few things to personalize a new Vette but they lack nothing mechanically and are almost impossible to improve on!!! They are awesome straight from the factory! They do not give mechanical problems; they are comfortable and safe and are very high performance. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel! The smart thing to do was to keep as much of the new car as possible! A kit car on the other hand (or at least any that I have ever seen) can’t really compare in any area other than looks and only a very few of them. The problems I have seen were with lack of detail, air and water leaks, lack of creature comforts. Engine heat, noise. Seating position lacks comfort. In short, a kit car consists of pieces gathered and fitted by a couple smart Guys. A conversion car is built on a factory car. A car built by huge teams of engineers with a budget of millions or billions of dollars. GM may have as many as 15 engineers just working on the doors of one particular model.

Thousands of years of combined brain power and experience are in those corporations! Tooling that would also run into astronomical dollars. So we start with that type of car, a perfectly good C5 or C6 Corvette,,,,,, keep 75% of it. And while using as much of the original Late Model Corvette as possible just turn it into a hand built custom collector car that is anything but run of the mill. Great Chassis – Great Body ,,, Extremely Rare Car ! Unlike any new factory built Corvette or Camaro it will always be very rare. and rather than leaving it to sit in the garage 99.9% of the time, it truly is a daily driver or cross country car that you can drive for hours on end in ultimate comfort if you choose too!

From Roy : I am trying to compare your car to an original 67 Corvette. In my opinion it looks even better, what is different?

Roy: Thanks for the huge compliment we hear that quite often; In answer to your question, everything is different. Call it a modernized look. It is unmistakable but different.
First of all the C5 is a bigger car to begin with, wider. You do not sit shoulder to shoulder in it. You have room, it is as comfortable as a Cadillac! Next it has an enormous amount of rubber underneath. 345/35’s in the rear! A stock 67 is wider in the front and gradually narrows to the rear.

Classic 1 is Hour Glass shaped, narrower in the middle slightly wider in the rear.
Think of the difference between a model T and a 37 Chevy, both have big fenders and running boards but the 37 has more zoom. Or a 1965 Porche Carrera and a new one, or the old Camaro and the new one.

From Roy; I would say it has a Beefier, Meaner Look !!

From Daryl: I am trying to decide between buying one of your cars and an original early 60”s Corvette. How would you compare them?

The best way to compare an Old Vette and Classic 1 would be to run each of them up to about 100 MPH and see how you feel. In Classic 1 your passenger could dose off after awhile. In the Mid Year you would be very nervous! 40+ years of newer and better technology. Another thing to consider is the rarity. Although we don’t get tired of seeing an early Corvette,,,, we HAVE seen them. At almost every large or small car show in America. Classic 1 will always be new and different. We are only able to build about 6 cars per year. They will never become common and rarety always adds value.