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About Us

Vintage car collecting has become a double edge sword.
The originals have become such a Hot commodity that they are now considered more of an Investment rather than a very classic car that is fun to drive. So be it! They are what they are, we wouldn’t change it if we could.  But, the thought occurred to us that they have become like a beautiful women locked away in a Dungeon. Rarely if ever seen!

What a waste of beautiful design!

Ask yourself, wouldn’t you like to see one cruising down the road or filling up at the gas station occasionally?

Better yet, wouldn’t you like to own one and drive it anytime, anywhere, with NO concern over mechanical problems, safety, comfort, or even fuel economy!

IF you answered YES to the above statement than let us build it for you! 

We begin with a C-5 Donor car (1997 thru 2004)
We can convert Convertibles, Coupes, or the Fixed Roof Coupe like the Z06.

*But we cannot convert a coupe to a convertible or a convertible to a hardtop.

A convertible must remain a convertible a hardtop remains a hardtop etc.

We start with:

Disassemble the exterior body and then graft into place our own hand fabricated design.

The mechanicals are basically untouched providing a beautiful conversion with the performance dependability, handling and safety of a new car.


Were combining the thrill of a High performance late model thoroughbred Sports Car with the styling of a Classic.

To purchase one of the first 50 sequentially numbered vehicles or for more information Contact Us to Secure yours today.

Speed Racer is actually Classic 1 ?
After seeing Classic 1 on the Power Block, the people at Warner Bros. said:
“This is the car we’ve been looking for” !

April 28, 2008

Classic 1 was chosen to represent the real to life and drive-able version of the famous Speed Racer.

A quick deal was struck, a car was completed and painted white and then shipped to Hollywood for the Red Carpet Premier of Speed Racer the Movie.